Industrial oil purification unit in India

Industrial Oil Purification Machines

Industrial oil purification machines are specialized equipment designed to remove contaminants from various types of industrial oils, including lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, and transformer oil, among others. These machines are essential for maintaining the quality and performance of industrial machinery and equipment by ensuring that the oil remains clean and free of impurities.

Key features and functionalities of Industrial Oil purification Machines may include:

Filtration: The machines use high-efficiency filtration systems to remove solid particles, sludge, and other contaminants from the oil. This helps prevent abrasive wear, extend the lifespan of machinery components, and improve overall equipment reliability.

industraial oil filter

Degassing: Some machines incorporate degassing systems to eliminate dissolved gases from the oil, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Removing these gases helps prevent oxidation and degradation of the oil, ensuring optimal lubrication performance.

Dehydration: Moisture is a common contaminant in industrial oils and can lead to corrosion, reduced lubricity, and decreased equipment performance. Industrial oil purification machines often include dehydration systems, such as vacuum chambers or specialized absorbent materials, to remove water from the oil.

Heating: Heating the oil can enhance the efficiency of filtration and dehydration processes by reducing viscosity and improving the removal of contaminants.

Monitoring and Control: Many modern industrial oil purification machines feature advanced monitoring and control systems to regulate filtration parameters, monitor oil conditions, and ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

By purifying industrial oils and removing contaminants, these machines help extend the service life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance operational reliability in various industrial applications. Regular oil purification is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of machinery and ensuring smooth and efficient industrial operations.

1. Brakdown Voltage with 2.5mm electrode Gap 20Kv 60kv
2. Moisture Content 50-100 Up to < 5-10 ppm
3. Particle Size Visible to Naked eye < 1 micron
4. Gas Content < 10% by volume upto < 0.1% by volume
5. Neutralization value 0.5 mg of KOH/gm of oil < 0.05mg of KOH/ gm of oil

NAS Value Graph

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Technical Data Sheet

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